Penn Foster Student Portal Login at

  1. To Access your account everyone can log in to the official Penn Foster portal at
  2. The “Student Login” tab should be selected when it appears under the navigation menu on the left.
  3. To reach the login page on your Penn Foster student login site, press the login link (
  4. Your username and password for My Account will be requested in a new window that will appear as a result. The email address you used to register with Penn Foster is your username (Student ID).
  5. Tap the Register on login button after entering your information.
  6. From there, you may access your assigned courses, due dates, grades, and other crucial data on a different page.

How to Enroll in a Program at Penn Foster

  1. Go to the Penn Foster University webpage at
  2. Just choose “Enroll” from the menu now.
  3. Fill out the form completely, including the program you wish to join, your name, address, zip code, and email address.
  4. Next, on the page that follows, you must provide all of your contact information, including your birth date, phone number, and more.
  5. The choice of a payment schedule and payment for the academic program are the following steps.
  6. Please indicate all the necessary information, including your card details, before making a payment. I also advise that you double-check all the information on the page before choosing the appropriate payment method.
  7. The online gateway will ask you to review all the data you’ve entered in the payment details after your payment has been registered.
  8. Once everything is in order, just pay the fee and you’ll be registered in the program of your choice.

How to Register for New PointClickCare Account Online

  1. Check out the Penn Foster webpage at
  2. There at the upper side, select the “Enroll Now” link.
  3. Then, fill up the necessary fields, including Program, First/Last name, Email address, and Zip Code.
  4. Verify the registration information before pressing the Next button.
  5. The registration form for Penn Foster Registration may be submitted by clicking the Next button.
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Link to the Penn Foster App on the App Store for Mobile Devices

Download the Penn Foster Study Plan App to organise your study time and keep track of your academic achievement. Depending on how quickly you want to go through your program, choose one of the three Study Plan tracks, or use the Customized Plan to create your own completion date.

Get the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How to Reset Your Penn Foster Login Password & Username?

  1. Return to the sign-in page.
  2. A few links may be found below the login button.
  3. Press the Password Reset button.
  4. You must fill out your student ID and country information.
  5. We’ll be able to find your password.
  1. How can I sign in at Penn Foster?

    Anybody having a student account on their school’s website can sign in using the Sign-In form. Each student is granted a Student Portal account as they register for their programs.

  2. How do I obtain my Penn Foster diploma?

    You will be instructed to complete an official Diploma Request with a third-party vendor, Parchment, after you have discovered your student record. Further in-depth student information must be entered, and you must choose who or where you want your diploma emailed.

  3. What number of kids attend Penn Foster?

    In Scranton, Pennsylvania, there is a for-profit online high school called High School. The biggest high school in the country, the high school has over 60,000 pupils enrolled at present from all 50 states and is regionally and nationally accredited

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